Saddles Live Music & Retreat


Saddles Live Music Venue & Retreat has relocated to Tender Heart Region within Second Life. 

We are kicking off the New Year with a new build for you all to enjoy. The build was done by Ashley & David Steele. Ashley wanted to make sure all the areas of the past venue you all enjoyed were Incorporated into the new venue. 

 Saddles has been serving members of Second Life for over 6 years. Members of Saddles start their day with morning coffee and game time, This is a fun time for Ashley & David Steele along with members to interact with other members and guests, Local voice is active so guests can voice and get to know each other create long-lasting friendships and bonds.

 Saddles, has a community feel always a friendly environment. Saddles have grown into a popular Live Music Venue within the Live Music Community, Saddles has booked many top live performers over the years all enjoy coming and performing at Saddles. We offer everyone the opportunity to enjoy performing from Top Performers, Open Mic, New inspiring performers, Concerts, Musicals, and more...  

Saddles take part in charity events that has been approved by linden labs. Such as RFL, Homes For Troops, Feed a Smile, Toys 4 Tots each year. All approved charities are 100% tax-deductible. 

Saddles offer other services such as Weddings, Birthday parties, Rez Day parties, any type of parties requested within a Moderate theme. 

 Looking forward to you making Saddles your Live Music destination, Come make yourself at home and enjoy the venue. 

Saddles is a public venue open 24/7 for your enjoyment. 

Your Support is much appreciated, 

Ashley & David Steele 

                                                              SADDLES MUSIC RADIO 24/7 

                                             Live Music -   Friday - Sunday 7am -1pm slt

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