Saddles is a Live Music Venue & Retreat  Open Mic

Saddles is a fun place to enjoy Live Music, Saddles has been having top performers for many years, New Artist looking to get there start in music community to the premier performers in second life all enjoyed performing here at Saddles for members enjoyment. Saddles performers sing all different genres of music so little something for everyone to enjoy. 

 Saddles is a welcoming friendly environment with a down home country feel.  

Saddles is much more then a music venue....

•*'★Saddles Retreat ¸.•*'★•°★

Things around the venue to explore:

Shopping Plaza

Cuddle areas

Beach / Beach Parties

Horse Back Riding

Bull Riding/ Contest

Ballroom / Art Gallery/ Love Cave

Tunnel of Love - Boat ride

Row Boats

Movies on the water

Games area ( all the top table top games)

Halloween Winner Coming Soon!



Membership advantages 

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