Sem Cyberstar

Sem Cyberstar is a singer of Dutch descent. In Real-Life Sem has been in the final of the Dutch talent show 'The Voice of Holland'. His music style can best be described as Jazzy, the so-called Crooner style from the 50's with songs from 'The Great American Songbook'.

Within Second Life Sem also performs live at clubs, ballrooms, at weddings and many other events. Here he performs songs from Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Dino, Sammy Davis Jr, Billie Holyday and many other big names.

"The best has yet to come"

Wayne Rhodell

Wayne Rhodell has 40+ years of Singing Country on stage and Taking You down old country roads in Our minds .Or to that Front porch swing, when they would sit and strum guitars and just sing the night away. Wayne has opened for some Country Stars you might recognize ..Conway Twitty* Mel Tillis * Ronnie Milsap So Giddy Up an Get on it , Lets 2 step or Polish a belt buckle or two.


Katia is a Croatian girl living in Portugal! Music is her soul. She expresses herself through singing and wants everyone to enjoy what they hear. Some say her music moves them, others are allured by her charisma, and sultry voice, but all are captivated by her soul-felt vocal talent filled with power and grace.

Rock, show tunes,balladas , Italian & Spanish songs and Portuguese..




Hailing from Indonesia, the gorgeous and talented Putri Solo has enchanted audiences in Second Life with her beautiful renditions of Ballads, Pop, Rock, Disco, Jazz and Ballroom classics. She sings popular covers by Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Barbara Streisand and more... but can custom create the perfect mix for your venue and audience.

Her talent has been recognized by many, including SL's 2ND INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF THE MUSIC where she won 2nd place. And she is ready to captivate crowds with high quality sound from her fully equipped home studio.

Turner Harbough

Turner Harbrough sings a wide and eclectic variety of music. from smooth jazz to dance-able pop and country. His beautiful voice will make you melt and have you singing along to tunes from Michael Buble to Johnny Cash to Bare Naked Ladies. Join this amazingly talented and versatile singer for an hour of great energy, witty banter and amazing music!


Satin Galli is no stranger to Live Music in R/L or S/L! Winner of many awards within the live music community, Satin Galli has made a name for himself in Second Life as a top vocalist.

If you're looking for great vocals and style, you've found the right guy! From oldies, country, pop, classic to new rock, you'll hear some of it all listening to Satin.

Luke Bryan, Zac Brown, Bread, Clapton, Rogers, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cold Play, and 3 Doors Down are a few of the artists you might hear from him.

Tony Slade

About Tony Slade at Saddles Art Gallery & Ballroom

Hi there! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tony Slade from San Diego, California in the US. Although I have been in Second Life for over 12 years, I am a new performer as of May 2020. In real life, I was a lead singer in several bands in California over the years, and performed up and down the coast. I haven't performed in more than two years, although my passion has always been music. I'm hoping that SL will give me the platform I need to rekindle my craft as well as put smiles on a few faces.

Genre of music that I showcase are Pop, R&B, Adult Contemporary, and Jazz.

Performing Live Monday & Wednesday 6pm slt.

David Perdu

Hailing from North Wales, David Perdu is an accomplished songwriter and instrumentalist who has composed many thought-provoking and foot tapping songs. He has performed live both solo and with his band up and down the country for over ten years supporting fine artists such as Eric Roche and also playing backup guitar for numerous talented singer songwriters including a stint with Duffy. Over this time he has honed a unique fusion of jazz, rock and folk known as fraz. His virtuoso guitar skills leave audiences open-mouthed as he performs his own compositions whilst also playing tribute to the work of acoustic guitar heroes such as John Renbourn, Bert Jansch and Pierre Bensusan.

Ugly Bill

ugly Bill has been singing since he was a tender, young, choir boy in church choirs where he was the solo boy soprano for those years before his voice changed. The boy was rather mercenary and moved from church to church until he found the one that paid best, sold his angelic voice to the highest bidder, regardless of the flavor of their God.

Rapid Randy

I have spent my last 40+ years singing in RL, around the house, all through school, the Navy Blue Jacket Choir,driving in my car, as well as sitting in with a couple of local bands here in Chattanooga, TN. Influenced in my early years by my father, I like to sing Country, Easy Listening, Soft Rock and Gospel, and experiment with current tunes on occasion. I recently made the move from Paltalk to SL, after 20 years. .


Lostsinger is fantastic singer that sings from his heart.

He been singing over 20 years. Lostsinger sings from all type of genres from Rock,Country, Blues, Come on down to Saddles for a fun filled show. Grab up your friends come party.

ED in SL

Ed in SL is a British Singer/Songwriter who performs a variety of covers and originals.

He is new to the SL Live Music Scene but he sings a vast array of covers and originals from artists such as Cat Stevens to Ed Sheeran.

He sings with raw emotion and encourages audience participation, you will not want to miss his show!


MsNatalie, Southern born and bred ... Brought up listening to country music....Her first trip to Nashville and the Grand Ole Opry at the age of 10 and seeing Loretta Lynn on stage made a huge and lasting impression...That influence has remained deep rooted.....singing mostly the older and classic country tunes.... but also mixes in some oldies and more current songs...No matter what she comes straight from her heart and hopes to touch other hearts through music !!!

Javier" The Candyman" Dulce

Hi, Javier Dulce here. I Come from the Land of Wind and Pizza! Chicago, I have been a DJ in second Life well over 10 years and have been known to belt some tunes out to introduce songs in my play list. I have had nothing but encouragement from my friends both in Sl and the real world when it has come to singing. I sing Primarily from the Rock Genre. Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Led Zeppelin, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, just to name a few. 

Faith Fromund

Faith is one of those singers who reaches down and pulls those notes from deep inside her heart and delivers a mix of bold and sassy or a warm hug that embraces. She will have you up dancing or swooning into the arms of the one you love. Whichever it is, it is going to be an hour of fun and entertainment that will cover a wide genre of music from Al Stewart to Twisted Sister. We look forward to seeing you !

Trin Aka Trinity

Trin Aka Trinity Outstanding Vocalist she is faily new to performing in Second Life but not new to performing in RL she is bringing her RL talents to you all to enjoy. She has a real passion for music as she sings a variety of genres little bit for you all. Pop, Blues, Classic Rock and Country. You never know when She will throw in a new song.


Cher is a singer from the homeland of American Country Music. She is a Tennessee lady with a wide-ranging repertoire covering country, pop, rock, jazz, and the blues. Cher describes herself as "A simple person who hides a thousand feelings behind the happiest smile". Her style and grace will certainly invoke many feelings and surely make you smile.


Winter, unlike the season, brings a warm, passionate, sensitive and vibrant personality full of humor to Sl's live music environment. He has been performing professionally in Real Life in countries all over Europe like Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus, Serbia, Hungary. These are some of the countries that have experienced this powerful songwriter/performer do his rock, blues rock and classic rock guitar.


Thunderfoot roams the fields and streets of Oklahoma in his search for musical inspiration. His inspirations come from only the best and and steered his real life to a musical collision of drums and guitar and voice that few others have experienced. This guy has done it all in real life from playing bars to playing in churches and everything in between. Thunderfoot plays pretty much any kind of music from folk to blues to rock and his little slice of Americana is known quite well throughout the grid!

Chris London

Chris London sings to you from London, England. Singing is his passion. People say that Chris has a talent he wishes to share with you. He sings most genres from pop and rock to 60s music. He will even sing crooner style. Come and check him out. If you do, you won't be disappointed. Grab a song list. Make a request. Bring a friend and just relax and enjoy the show!

Bunny Rygon

Bunny Rygon is a singing, dancing, burlesque loving performer in SL. She has been singing for 15 years.

Bunny's biggest influence is big band and swing.

She sings a wide range of music from the 1920's to modern day.

Her large genres are: swing, jazz, big band, modern alternative, and rock. Bunny has a amazing Midwestern accent she is from Indiana.

Nivor, the Gentlehen

Born as a male human and being transformed into a hen by an evil witch, I finally found a way from the chicken coop to the show stage.

I sing in different genres ... from the classic "Crooners" to modern music - my concerts are a mixture of sentimental ballads and up-tempo tunes. Most of them in English, but I also sing songs in German, my first language. Songs from the Euro vision Song contest I have in my song list too, which always offer a wide spectrum of different music from several countries.


Nancylee has been singing since she was a child. Music was in her blood from an early age. She is eclectic in her style of music, sweet and sexy all in one. Although she leans more towards country, and romantic ballads, she's comfortable with other styles of music as well.

The two most important factors of a happy and healthy life according to Nancylee are music and laughter, and sometimes while performing she likes to combine the two.

When you attend a Nancylee show you can expect to hear songs from artists such as; Connie Francis, Peggy Lee, Celion Dion, Miranda Lambert, and Ann Murray, Ella Fitzgerald, Norah Jones just to name a few.

Hedy Patrucci

Hedy's career in music began at the age of 6 when she performed at a local event with her brothers.

The first song she sang was "Daddy's Home"

Today Hedy mesmerizes her audiences with her unique soulful voice, bringing to her stage many years of music experience and performances in real life.

With a great mix of genres, and a large repertoire of songs you will be amazed with the vocal talent and range.

A great vocal talent that brings much humor, laughter and stories to her stage.

Dallas Winslet

Dallas Winslet was born in Texas where country, Blues and Rock and Roll are king! The Hot Texan Sun Seems To Bake The Music Into Your Very Soul. Dallas Winslet : Was Born To The Fire Of Rock and Blues. Bringing his Unique Style To SL....Dallas will ignight The Flame in You! His Voice Stirring The Subtle Embers In Your Spirit, Building to a Blaze of Torrid Celebration Of Song!

Chief Trail Walker

Chief Trail Walker aka Anightwing Akina is a RL Singer/Musician, with 25 years of professional experience. He loves to sing Blues and Rock, but excels at all musical genres plus some original music of his own.

Anightwing really connects with his audience. He takes time to greet them and interact with them between songs. This makes his shows a more personal experience.

Veronica Weksler aka MsJAMZ 

As a member of The Blues Alliance in Ohio & Founder of SL Blues Association in Second Life. While she sings Blues, RNB, Gospel, Jazz, Standards & Funk. She feels the Music running through her veins. Let the notes that escape from her lips fill your heart with the Music & known to be simply mesmerizing when she slip into Blues. Don't miss the chance to hear her singing LIVE. She has Originals and Covers. Veronica Weksler aka MsJAMZ


Flitter, as she's known around the grid, is a fun and uplifting singer.
She sings all kinds of music from fast upbeat tunes to slow romantic ballads. If you listen real close you can tell she really loves to sing as she is smiling and laughing on every song. You don't want to miss this sweet voice. 

Come Enjoy The Show!

Ambrosia Kamala

Ambrosia Kamala is better known as simply as A M B R O S I A. She is a versatile singer that specializes in genres of Jazz, R&B, Gospel, Pop & Soul music. She has been singing all through her lifetime and In RL she has performed and toured with a Grammy nominated choir.

Bo Hoyes 

Bo Hoyes is not stranger to country music, Bo knocked of the dust 20 years started singing here in second life. He traveled around second life listening to live performers decided to share is talents with each of us, Bo has hanged out and even drank beer with stars like Tanya Tucker, Billie Earls, Bo has a lot of talent when it comes to country music. He also dual steams with Premium Composer at times. Bo Hoyes is a performer you do not want to miss out on if you are a country music fan...

Brayden Blake

Brayden was born and raised in Tennessee just outside of Chattanooga.

Country music runs deep in his roots, but he is also known to pull out some Rock and Funk every now and then. Brayden started singing and annoying his mother at a very tender age, but that's ok because he comes from a musically inclined family as well.

Brayden has been called a goof ball amongst friends. He loves to laugh and make others laugh. He listens closely to each song and has been known to change the lyrics from time to time to keep the audience on their toes.

Brayden's shows tend to be a mix of fun and high energy with a little romance thrown in for good measure. Please come join Brayden for a Rockin' Good Time!!!

Jc Rugani 

Jc Rugani, artist and compulsive music creator, who uses his voice and instruments for something much more important than entertaining, what is more important than entertaining? , simple, share feelings through musical notes, each song that JC sings live is not just for fun, each song hides behind a hurricane of emotions that you can feel when you listen to his music, each song is chosen to transmit what is not known can neither touch not see, FORCE IS MUSIC. Live you can hear him sing hits from Rock, Pop, Reggae from the 60's to the present day!.

Lyric Serendipity

Lyric is BACK!! A rock n' roll chick with a fun and charming personality, her penchant for belting out classic rock, pop and blues tunes is only surpassed by her ability to draw you into her performance with her sexy voice and sweet demeanor. All that plus sarcastic wit - how can you resist? Lyric takes you on a roller coaster ride thru the decades, with the songs that made you, love, lust, heartache,'s rock n' roll,

Jack Dryden

Jack Dryden is a New SL Country Singer he has a awesome country twang. Jack is a young man from England he has a god giving talent with awesome vocals. He has a passion for Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams, Chris Stapleton,injects personal life experiences and emotions into each song to bring an honest and raw performance to every show.

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